Monday, June 13, 2011

Brad & Colleen - Wedding | Madison, Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Brad & Colleen
June 4, 2011
Madison, Wis. 
Bethel Lutheran Church
Hilton Garden Inn
Flowers: Fleurishes by Andrea Barto
Cake: Craig's Cakes of Verona

I really love a wedding ... and I really loved Brad & Colleen's wedding, for so many reasons. I went to high school with Colleen. We didn't share the same circle of friends and probably only said HI to each other a handful of times. But, now, after reconnecting 10+ years later, I can say that Colleen and Brad have become dear friends. I love their caring and generous souls ... their thoughtfulness and the way they looked at each other as Colleen walked down the aisle, and when they danced, and pretty much any time their eyes met! Their parents should be proud of the individuals they have raised, because this couple is AWESOME (and, now, I tear up over the thought of their awesomeness:).

I also must give a shout out to my assistant-for-the-day, Sheena Baughman. She was amazing and I'm so THANKFUL she was there with me! 

Thank you, Brad & Colleen, for a WONDERFUL day! It meant so much that you chose me to photograph your wedding. I loved meeting your family and friends AND laughing it up with your wedding party. I wish you so much love and happiness ... I also wish that we are together on the day when it rains cake pops. :)

HUGS, Jessica

I love the smile on Colleen's face. This was the first time she saw herself in the mirror after putting on her gown! 
Colleen's mom fastened a special pin that belonged to Colleen's dad onto her gown. 

They are not posing. I believe they were looking for the matron-of-honor. I love catching images like these. 

Brad mentioned to me that he hadn't had a picture with his mother-in-law, Pat.  How sweet! 

Who adores a groom with breakdancing skillzzz??? MEEEEE!!

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  1. these are SOOOO great Jess! I love them all! That one where they are walking up the hill towards the tree with that lovely sun poking through made me gasp out loud I loved it so much ;) YAY!